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23RD NOVEMBER/30th nov/7th dec/14th dec

10am-12.30pm  4 sessions with all materials included

  1. colour making.Find the true primaries and just mix a hair at a time.
  2. Watercolour and learning to really look! Improving observational skills like never before.Pencil first and then stepping into direct watercolour medium. Learn about the various mediums associated and various qualities of paper.
  3.  Oils and landscape perspective. Gain knowledge on the canvas, implements (brushes and palette knives) as well as the mediums associated. We paint a landscape together and gain a feel for the process of attaining a successful landscape of mountains.
  4.  Pastels  and architectural perspective. This will ope your eyes to the issues surrounding buildings or any object that involves perspective.Margarets vast experience in murals and building subjects is  insightful and she can show you methods to master and improve this difficult area. Pastels is then used to create a ‘shed’ piece.      This is the last set of classes for the year.  For younger students..please book with phone 0418237766